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Press Room

A widely recognized resource on bullying, addiction, at-risk teens, relationships and the power of respect, Dr. Joe Shrand has been featured by media outlets around the country.

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Radio Show

Listen to Dr. Shrand’s weekly radio program, “Common Ground“, which airs on Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST on WATD South Shore. For those who don’t live in Marshfield, MA area, listen live here.

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Dr. Joseph Shrand on
Renew Everyday – Addiction & the Adolescent
Dr. Joseph Shrand on
Psychology Today – Manage Your Stress




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Dr. Shrand on
Breakthrough with Michael Pipich
(May 23, 2013)

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Dr. Shrand on 90.9 WBUR
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Dr. Shrand on LA Talk Radio’s
On the Couch with Dr. Michelle
(April 26, 2013)
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Dr. Shrand on
Staying Young Radio
(Episode 126)

Dr. Shrand on
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Dr. Shrand on
Breakthrough with Michael Pipich
(March 12, 2013)
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How Your Parents Affect Your Relationships

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Interview with Moe Abdou
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Modern Love – Beyond Our Own Perspective
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Oxytocin-Hormone of Love
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The Aspergers Explained Parenting Program