Now Available: Outsmarting Anger

7 Strategies for Defusing our Most Dangerous Emotion

Outsmarting Anger by Joseph Shrand MD


Winner of the 2013
Books for a Better Life Award

for psychology.

Surefire strategies for transforming anger in yourself and others: In this must-have resource, Dr. Joseph Shrand offers seven innovative yet remarkably uncomplicated strategies to help turn powerful anger impulses into positive, success-oriented actions. Learn more.

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My name is Joseph Shrand. Welcome to my website! I am a psychiatrist who works with adults as well as children and adolescents on issues relating to addiction, bullying and at-risk behaviors.

I created this website to build on a belief that respect is the foundation of trust, and trust the foundation of potential. Think about it—when was the last time you got angry with someone who treated you with respect?

As you explore this website, you may find that all the various strands come back to this point. It is truly all about respect. I want to invite you to explore with me the latest understandings of this simple but profound interaction and the enormous untapped potential it has in our lives.